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Wall Batts

Ecowool Wall Batts, our new generation range of glass mineral wool insulation, employs an exciting new binder that incorporates a natural anti formaldehyde ingredient and is low in volatile organic compounds. Once installed, Ecowool Wall Batts acts as a highly effective barrier to heat flow, keeping your building cool during hot weather. It combines cost efficiency with the highest standard of insulation performance when installed in either wood, cement board or steel stud partition and in ceiling system applications.

Fire Hazard Properties

  • Ecowool Wall Batts, is non-combustible when tested in accordance with AS1530 Part 1: 1994
  • Ecowool Wall Batts, insulation complies the following Early Fire Hazard Performance Indices of; Ignitability 0, Spread of Flame 0, Heat Evolved 0, Smoke Developed 0-1, in accordance with AS1530.3:1999;


Surface Burning Characteristics

Meets the surface burning characteristics and limited combustibility of the followings standards (plain/unfaced):  ASTM E84


Thermal Conductivity

Tested and complies with ASTM C518 at 23°C mean temperature. Please refer to the product range table for more information on the thermal resistance values. ECOWOOL complies with AS/NZS4859:1 – 2018 “Material used in the thermal insulation of a building”, and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).


Acoustical Performance

Ecowool Wall Batts acts as a baffle to reduce sound transmission both from outside and inside sources. It is tested and complies with ASTM C423. Type ‘A’ mounting.


Individual Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) Emission

Ecowool Wall Batts is safe to use due to the low VOC content. Tested in accordance with ASTM D 5116-06.

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R-value (m2K/W) Density Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
R2.5 8.5 120 430 0
R2.5 8.5 120 580 0
R3.0 8 145 430 0
R3.0 8 145 580 0
R3.5 8.5 165 430 0
R3.5 8.5 165 580 0
R4.1 8.5 195 430 0
R4.1 8.5 195 430 0

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