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OUR HISTORY 40 years of product & service innovation

Our History

Protecting People, Building and Environment

While we retain our heritage that began as a family business in 1984, PGF Insulation has proudly grown from a pioneer of the Malaysia insulation industry, to be a global leader that has been enriching lives from land to landmarks around the world, through the creation of PGF Insulation products.


By the early 1990’s as PGF Insulation had gained a steady recognition in the domestic market, we started expanding beyond Malaysia shores to our neighbouring countries; such as Singapore. Since then, we have been expanding our global presence with Australia and New Zealand as our leading export region; and our ambition does not stop there.


In order to meet the growing demand for our Ecowool products in Australia, PGF Insulation has set up a subsidiary in 2022, headquartered at Victoria. The expansion has enabled PGF Insulation to continuously provide a manufacturer’s direct solution to some of the most renown building projects in Australia such as Uno Melbourne and Focus Apartments.

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