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PGF INSULATION Leading the future for sustainable building materials

Leading the Future for Sustainable Building Materials

PGF Insulation Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, designs, manufactures and distributes Ecowool insulation for energy efficiency and acoustic comfort. The manufacturing company has been at the forefront of quality and innovation in the insulation industry since 1984.

Being one of the largest glass mineral wool manufacturers close to 30 years in the South East Asia’s flourishing construction and process industries based on sustainable glass mineral wool technology, PGF Insulation has come a long way in upholding its uncompromising quality and safety towards its insulation product. Our current export markets are spread in varied locations across the globe; from Asia Pacific to Australia and New Zealand. As we continue to grow steadfastly, we have marked improvements in all aspects of our operations. From innovating new product formulations, right down to our products accreditation from certified bodies around the world.

With a series of solid brand portfolios and corporate credentials including Ecowool, PGF Insulation is widely recognised for their effort and contribution in pushing the boundaries of insulation solutions. Thanks to strong international partnerships and global networks in more than ten countries around the world, PGF Insulation is poised to make its mark to be a significant regional market player within Asia and Ocenia’s insulation industry.

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