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HVAC and Industrial Insulation

HVAC systems are commonly used in commercial properties to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. In order to keep spaces cool or warm, ductwork systems will travel through a multitude of rooms within a building, often penetrating compartment walls and floors.


Comfort is the main priority when it comes to designing and installing a HVAC system in a building. In this application, comfort refers to temperature, air humidity, air replenishment, fire safety and noise levels; which need to be regulated to optimize.


Ecowool HVAC duct insulation is designed to significantly improve thermal and acoustic comfort as well as optimizing energy savings. Effective thermal insulation ensures that the medium (air or liquid) remains at the right temperature, reducing heat flow throughout the system and preventing the risk of condensation.


When used as an external acoustic lining, noise break-out from the duct wall can be significantly reduced. These vital networks can unfortunately, be the perfect pathway for spreading fire, hot gasses and toxic smoke, in case of fire break out. Our effective fire resilient duct insulation acts as a barrier between ducts to minimise the chance of fire spread, offering an additional protection in fire safety.

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